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Greek and Latin Language

A Latin translation of Plato's "Republic"

A Latin trans­la­tion of Plato’s “Republic”

Amer­i­can Clas­si­cal League

The Soci­ety for the Pro­mo­tion of Roman Studies

The Soci­ety for the Pro­mo­tion of Hel­lenic Studies

The Amer­i­can Philo­log­i­cal Association

The Cen­ter for Hel­lenic Studies

The Clas­si­cal Association

The New York Clas­si­cal Club

Ancient Greece and Plato

Socrates, from "The School of Athens" by Raphael

Socrates, from “The School of Athens” by Raphael

The Soci­ety for Ancient Greek Philosophy

The Plato Cen­tre at Trin­ity Col­lege Dublin

Algis Uzdavinys

Pla­tonic Texts from the Uni­ver­sity of Ade­laide, AU

The Amer­i­can School of Clas­si­cal Stud­ies at Athens

Plato’s Repub­lic, read by Patrick Horgan

The Inter­na­tional Plato Society

Ancient Rome and Plotinus

Medieval Illuminated Manuscript of Porphyry and Plotinus

Medieval Illu­mi­nated Man­u­script of Por­phyry and Plotinus

Inter­na­tional Soci­ety for Neo­Pla­tonic Studies

Arti­cles on Ancient History

Inter­net Ency­clo­pe­dia of Philosophy–Plotinus

The Blog of Brian Hines, author of Return to the One

The Enneads of Plotinus


The Renais­sance and Mar­silio Ficino

Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499), Bust in the Duomo, Florence

Mar­silio Ficino (1433–1499), Bust in the Duomo, Florence

The Palazzo Medici Ric­cardi, Florence

Société Mar­sile Ficin (Ital­ian & French)

A Review of Ficino’s Pla­tonic Theology

A Bib­li­og­ra­phy of Works by Ficino

The I Tatti Renais­sance Library of Har­vard Uni­ver­sity Press


The Cam­bridge Pla­ton­ists and Thomas Taylor

Lady Anne Conway

The Shrine of Wisdom/Fintry Trust, UK

The Prometheus Trust, UK

Cam­bridge Platonism

An Essay on the Cam­bridge Platonists


The Amer­i­can Ide­al­ists and Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Bush," Emerson's home in Concord MA

Bush,” Emerson’s home in Con­cord MA

The Web of Amer­i­can Transcendentalism

The Ralph Waldo Emer­son Institute

Emer­son Central

Kirk McElhearn’s Blog, Read­ing Emerson

The Thoreau Society

The Walden Woods Project

The Charles Ives Society

Jeremy Denk, Pianist

Other Links and Blogs of Interest

Dr. Neel Burton’s Blog